About us

Welcome to Bodega Spanish Wine – a reputable company specializing in the production and distribution of premium Spanish wines. At Bodega, we take pride in being a pioneer in bringing the refined flavors of Spanish wine directly to the hands of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Established with pride in 2019, Bodega Spanish Wine quickly garnered a strong reputation for the quality and diversity of our products. With a widespread distribution network covering various provinces and cities across Spain, we have successfully brought the unique and exquisite taste of Spanish wines closer to everyone.

Since 2022, we have extended our presence to the Asian market, specifically in Da Nang, Vietnam. We view this as a significant step towards bridging culinary and cultural experiences between Spain and Vietnam. We are delighted to collaborate with Hana HotelĀ  Travel Company to offer exciting and distinctive experiences for those passionate about food and culture.

We have established an official distributor in Da Nang, Vietnam, through our reliable partner – Food And Meal. This collaboration not only expands our distribution reach but also ensures that our products are conveniently and promptly delivered to the hands of wine enthusiasts in Da Nang.

Bodega Spanish Wine is committed to delivering the most refined and captivating wine experiences from Spain, while also building cultural bridges through gastronomy and a shared passion for unique flavors. Join us in exploring the world of exquisite tastes at Bodegaspanishwine.com.

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